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Faith is the only way forward...

From the grip of grief to the adventure of his life.
James’ world is upended when he loses his Bible-believing wife to cancer, but after a car accident, he wakes up in a new reality, unsure if he’s in a dream, a delusion, or the afterlife. When his estranged daughter appears in this world, she’s apprehended by a strange darkness and taken away.
Will a man who has never believed follow a map with supernatural power beyond what he can see? Would he relive the pain of the past and face a mysterious enemy in order to save Mary? Will she forgive the father who wasn’t there for her? There’s more at stake than meets the mind.

Forward by Fire

About Austin

Austin is a lead pastor in Southeast Georgia where he lives with his wife Maria and four children. He has served in full-time church ministry since age 17. Austin is expanding his effort beyond pastoring and songwriting into the world of creative writing to tell the story of God's life-changing power in a new way! You can find a worship album by Austin and Maria here, along with other great music!

Austin Moore


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